Our Products & Services

Fortuna is a clean design, powerful WordPress Template with plenty of hot features

Simple to Use

Simple design interface easy to use by everyone. Training of
software module is also available so you can relax and focus on
your business.


End of Shift Reports generated automatically and emailed to
owners. No longer need to calculate everything every night to
know who owes what. Simply generate a report and collect. Save
time, energy and do not make any mistakes. You are the owner
and are not constantly at the business? Generate the reports
from AHMS and see what’s going on.

Black List

We all forget that some girls will not go to certain clients.
Stop sending them where they don’t want to go, AHMS keeps a
block list for clients who cause trouble and will remind you if you
are creating an undesirable booking.

Clients History

AHMS will keep track of your clients for future bookings, no need
to type everything each time. Consult your history to solve a
problem or to get specific information concerning a client. AHMS
will never save any information regarding specific services
received by a client, no sensible information is stored.

Membership Rewards

Frequent visitors are major revenue generators for your business
look after them by offering rewards.
Sell Membership cards/plans to your clients and reward them for
frequent visiting. AHMS will automatically apply the reward/
discount amount for each clients booking/visit and show the
discounted amount for collection.

Girls Profile

Manage your girls information easily via the AHMS and enter your
girls medical certificate details, AHMS will automatically block
the girl from clocking IN if her medical certificate is due. This
facility can also be overridden.
We also offer separate section for clocked IN girls to view their
booking incomes and check out them in two clicks.

Cash Management

Record your daily expenses & refunds to get an accurate picture
of your cash


Stored locally on your computer, your customer data is safe &
secure. We don’t use clouds or store your data in our servers.
Your data is yours.

Interactive Timed Alerts

Stop analyzing your paper sheet every 15 minutes. To know the
status of a booking, take a glance at the fully interactive booking
schedule to know everything in seconds. The schedule will show
you exactly when you can book a girl or not. The bookings are
displayed based on the time left on the booking, so you will know
exactly when the girl will be available for next booking.